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Trade with a broker who wins awards time and again, whose clients are enthusiastic, who is not a market maker and who is known for his legendary service. Broker comparisons repeatedly praise the order execution (70% of CFD orders are executed at a price better than the limit), the exceptional trading platform, and the free trading strategies. WH SelfInvest is labelled "Trader's favourite", "Fairest CFD broker" and "Number 1 in the Eternal Best List". Chat | Call me | Platform demo
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Best Futures Broker every year. Permanent demo account. Real tick-by-tick quotes. Choice of platforms. Discount packs. More...

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Investui is a service for active investors, who want to remain in control, with interesting returns, user-friendly technology and low cost.

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Learn how to trade like 1.000.000 others – December 2020

Do you want to know anything about trading? Visit our youtube channels. We always do a great effort to have interesting content. You can watch many famous traders. The channels are firing on all cylinders: German language 1.000.000 views, French language 500.000 views and Dutch language 100.000 views.

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