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CFD-Forex trading


The best CFD Forex broker.

In 2020 WH SelfInvest, again, took first place in every major broker comparison and industry study. The secret? A huge product range, real value for money, top order execution, an impressive trading platform and a legendary service.

Futures trading


The best futures broker?

Bester Futures-Broker sieben Jahre in Folge! Steigern Sie Ihre Trading-Gewinne. Verwenden Sie unsere echten Tick-by-Tick Kurse.

Select a reliable broker...

As a client you want a broker who is supervised by demanding regulators, who has no conflict of interest with his clients, who provides you with the best technology and who has a strong track record of awards. WH SelfInvest...

  is licensed by several demanding regulators since 1998.

  is a real broker, not a market maker.

  is a consistent winner of prestigious brokerage awards.

  is known for its outstanding order execution and legendary service.

  has offices in six countries.

and a safe solution

The peace of mind and safety of your assets provided by WH SelfInvest is well above the industry average. Enjoy safety and reliability due to...

  Secure transfer procedures.

  Segregated client assets held in dedicated "client assets" accounts.

  Client assets accounted for on a per client basis.

  Client assets held locally in major partner banks.

  Official asset protection schemes.

  No currency conversion commissions.

What NanoTrader can do for you

The spectacular NanoTrader trading platform contains everything traders want and is still easy to use.

  • Set up your trading strategy without programming.
  • Every clients gets a permanent real-time demo account.
  • Automated trading.

Free trading demo