Best trading platform in the world?

A platform for every trader

NanoTrader Free and NanoTrader Full

NanoTrader is our in-house platform. Made by traders for traders. The platform consistently wins best trading platform awards. NanoTrader Free is the 100% FREE entry-level version. NanoTrader Full is a more advanced version. These are some NanoTrader characteristics:

  Suitable for all traders (novice, experienced...).

  Suitable for all trading styles (scalping, day trading...).

  Trade CFD-Forex, futures, stocks and structured products.

  Free permanent demo account.

  Sensational charts.

  100 Free trading strategies and signals.

  30 Free screeners and scanners.

  15 Free trading tools.

  Exceptional order placement and management.

  Automated trading. No programming required.

  Platform for tablets and smartphones.

A platform for every trader and every trading style

Every trader can master NanoTrader. In spite of its unlimited possibilities, NanoTrader is probably one of the easiest to use platforms.

The platform can handle every trading style: scalping, day trading, swing trading, strategy trading,  automated trading... For every trading style the platform has the right charts, tools and order types. Manual, semi-automated and automated trading are all possible. Programming skills are not required.

If you want to survive in the markets, NanoTrader is the platform to use.

Confirmed by awards

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

The NanoTrader's user-friendliness and its high-speed order execution are frequently confirmed in broker comparisons and broker industry studies.

  • There is no faster nor better order execution as the one offered by NanoTrader. As a professional this is very important to me. – T.H.
  • The NanoTrader is now my fourth trading platform and it is by far the best. – N.R.

No programming required

Nearly all trading ideas traders may have, can be implemented without programming. Nevertheless, a programming module is available for those who need it.

Other platforms available

Besides NanoTrader clients can use MT 4 for CFD-Forex trading and a selection of other platforms (NinjaTrader, SierraCharts...) for futures trading.



The charting and technical analysis in NanoTrader is breathtaking.

  10 Chart types (incl. range bars, renko...), 15 drawing tools, 125 technical indicators...

  Select any time frame for the charts, you are not limited to a set menu.

  Unique TwinCharts.

  All indicators and drawing tools can be used for automated trading.

  Trading directly from the charts.

Many chart types are available

New chart types are added regularly. Charts can be set to any time frame. You are not limited to a fixed list of time frames. The following charts are available:

Bar charts | Line charts | Range bars | Tick charts | Renko charts | Heikin Ashi charts | Three line break charts | Logarithmic charts | Candlestick charts...

Watch this video: Advanced Charting.

All chart types available in the platform.

The charts are 100% consistent

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

The price you see in the charts is the price on which you can trade. Correct technical analysis is only possible if charts are 100% consistent.

Contrary to many other brokers we do not show prices which are different from the prices on which you trade. Unlike, for example, IG Markets our charts are not based on the mid price. You cannot trade on the mid price and technical analysis is not correct.

The drawing tools are excellent

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

In addition to traditional drawing tools, drawing tools made by famous traders are available. All drawing tools can give alarms (e-mail, pop-up and sound) and signals.

These drawing tools are available:

  • ABCD | Tick measurer | Support and resistance | Zigzag Michael Voigt | Zigzag Erdal Cene | Notes, arrows, circles and rectangles | Andrews pitchfork | Automated Fibonacci | Fibonacci extensions | Trend-line | trend-channel.

All drawing tools explained in detail

The unique TwinCharts

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

TwinCharts allow traders to link charts which are in different time frames. Orders and drawing tools visible in the main chart are also visible in the TwinChart.

The yellow area in the bottom chart corresponds to the full area of the top chart.


Free platform coaching

Learn to use the platform quickly.
Discover trading tools and strategies.
See how you can implement your ideas.

Don't hesitate...

Request a FREE platform coaching session.

NanoTrader in short...

  Many best platform awards.

  Fantastic charts and technical analysis.

  Used by famous traders.

  Manual and (semi-)automated trading.

  FREE trading strategies, signals and tools.

  FREE permanent demo account for every client.

Trade via the charts

It is possible to trade directly via the charts. See "placing and managing orders" below.

Trading strategies and signals

Trading strategies and signals

The NanoTrader platform includes more than 60 free trading strategies and 20 free trading signals. A trading signal is an entry signal. A trading strategy is a complete solution.

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

The strategies and signals can be used for manual and (semi-)automated trading. The architecture is open. Traders can implement the strategies and signals as they are or they can modify them.

Many of the strategies and signals have been made by well-known traders such as Martin Pring, Charlie Wright, Linda Raschke, Perry Kaufman, Dr. John F. Ehlers and John F. Carter.

Automated trading

It is easy to make your own trading strategies. Hundreds of components are available. Simply combine them according to your needs. Programming is not required. You can trade your strategies manually or (semi-)automatically.

NanoTrader demo and information

Free real-time demo | Visit Best trading platforms website.


SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

SignalRadar shows live trades being executed by various trading strategies.

Interesting trades can be identified quickly. A trade can be replicated in one click. The trades are shown in the platform and in an app.

These are the advantages of the SignalRadar:

  • FREE
  • Find good live trades and jump on.
  • See what positions strategies have.
  • See which markets are moving.
  • Observe the trades of professional traders.
  • Trade based on logic, not on feeling.
  • Improve your trading skills.
  • Enjoy your trading.

All trading tools available in the platform.

Automated trading

Semi-automated trading

In semi-automated trading the trader opens the position manually and the platform closes the position automatically, based on criteria dictated by the trader. The platform can handle many criteria to close the position. For example, close a position at a particular time, close a position based on an indicator, close a position when the markets drops below a trend-line etc. These criteria can be combined. Programming is not required.

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

In this example the trader bought a position when his two technical analysis indicators gave a buy signal. The platform automatically closed the position when the two indicators turned bearish.

Note: the bottom indicator is in a different time frame than the top indicator and the main chart. Few other platforms can combine opinions of indicators set in different time frames.

Automated trading

In automated trading the platform opens and closes positions based on the trader's strategy. Traders can use the strategies included in the platform, they can find strategies in the trading store or they can compose their own strategy. Without programming the trader can easily compose his strategy by using building blocks.

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

In this simple example the trader uses the technical indicator MACD to trigger his orders. In this case a short sell.

The trader also uses a signal filter. Only when the the crossing moving average is bearish -indicated by the red chart background- a short sell order is accepted.

Tactic Orders

The Tactic Orders tool is another easy method to trade (semi-)automatically. Tactic Orders is particularly suitable for traders who use a lot of technical indicators. The trader simply clicks to define his criteria. For example: "buy or short sell if all my indicators are bullish or bearish" or "execute only buy orders and only when the majority of my indicators are bullish". Trend-lines can also be used as part of the criteria for automated orders. Orders can be placed automatically or after final approval by the trader.

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

In this example the trader uses three indicators. He wants the indicators to be unanimous and he opts for automated orders, both buy and sell.

Video: Automated trading with Tactic Orders.

Good to know

For over a decade the NanoTrader platform is the leader in automated trading. Many other platforms have tried to emulate the automated trading capabilities of NanoTrader, none succeeded. If you intend to do (semi-)automated trading, choose the platform with the best and the longest track-record in this domain!

Screeners and scanners

Free screeners and scanners

Screeners find trading opportunities based on historic data. Scanners find trading opportunities in real-time. The NanoTrader includes more than 30 FREE screeners and scanners.

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

Screeners not only find trading opportunities, they can also, for example, identify which markets are in a trend. All the strategies and signals in the platform can be used as screeners and scanners.

Some of the screeners in the platform:

All screeners available in the platform.

Make your own screeners and scanners

It is easy to make screeners and scanners. Hundreds of components are available. Simply select and combine the components you need. Programming is not required. The screeners work on forex, market indices, stocks as well as gold, oil and other commodities.

Uniquely, when you launch a screener or scanner the last signal and its current profit (loss) is visible. So the trader can either wait for the next new signal or jump on the current signal if it is profitable.

TechScan – automated technical analysis

Every night TechScan analyses every market using technical analysis, statistics and trading strategies. TechScan is FREE and integrated in the trading platform. It is extremely user-friendly.

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

In detailed tables and beautiful charts TechScan provides users with forex, indices, stocks... on which something interesting is happening. Every signal is always clear and well illustrated.

All trading tools available in the platform.

Placing orders and managing positions

Placing orders

Orders can be placed in many different ways. Whatever your trading style, NanoTrader has the best and the fastest way to place your order. One-click orders can be placed via charts, order books, trend-lines, charttraders etc.

Video: Placing and managing orders.

Placing orders quickly: orders via charts, automated orders, order wizard, etc.

Stop orders

No broker offers more stop order types. Clients can place their stop level at the price they want. They are not obliged to use guaranteed stop orders.

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

Stop orders can be combined. NanoTrader can manage every combination of stop orders on a  position. The safest stop is always activated.

In this example the trader combines a time stop and a trailing stop. The time stop closes the position after the 10 candles. The trailing stop is cancelled. Note: the time stop is often a good idea in break-out strategies, which make most of their profit early. The time stop tends to take more profit than a trailing stop, but not always. Therefore it is good to combine stops.

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

Stop orders and indicators can be combined.

In this example the trader combines a trailing stop with a crossing moving average indicator. The position was closed by the trailing stop.

These are some of the stop orders available in the platform:

  • Fixed stop | Trailing stop | Break-even stop | Trend-line stop | Trend-channel stop | Linear stop | Periods high-low stop | Betrail stop | Parabolic stop | Kasedev stop | Timed stop (flat filter) | Indicator stop | Time stop.
All stop orders available in the platform.

Download this FREE e-book...

Trading mistakes.

Multiple stop and target orders

Many experienced traders open and close positions in steps. NanoTrader is the only trading platform which can handle trading strategies which open and close positions in more than two steps. The order quantities are automatically adapted.

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

In this example a trader bought four contracts (+4). One has been sold (-1). The three remaining contracts each have a different profit target. The stop order (red label) has automatically adapted its order quantity to three.

Orders based on time

NanoTrader allows traders to integrate the factor time in a trading strategy. Only execute orders during a particular period? Close a position at particular point in time? Everything is easy. Everything is possible.

Placing orders efficiently depending on your trading style.

Client proposals

In-house platform

NanoTrader is our in-house trading platform. Interesting innovations and client proposals can therefore be implemented quickly.

A popular section

More than 30 client proposals are integrated in the platform. The client proposals are very popular. They allow traders to see which tools and indicators other traders use and why. All client proposals are FREE.

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

All tools and indicators proposed by clients are located in one folder. Several proposals come from well-known traders.

These are some of the proposals in the platform:

See all client proposals available in the platform.

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Satisfied platform users

Well-known traders recommend the NanoTrader platform

More than 20 well-known traders in six different countries use NanoTrader. This is no coincidence.


The trading store

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

Many of the famous traders who use NanoTrader provide their trading strategies and tools via the trading store. Some are FREE some are paying.

Well-known traders in the trading store:

Other FREE and paying products in the store:
Visit the trading store.

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