The GTAS Method

In this e-book, Bernard Prats-Desclaux, proprietary trader and former hedge fund manager, explains how to use his GTAS method. This method stems from professional investment management.

The aim is to enable each trader to invest within a precise framework, with effective risk management, to make it easier to manage the psychological biases that are the main obstacles to success.

The GTAS (Global Trend Analysis System) method solves the problems encountered by traders faced with irregularity in their trading. The emphasis is on targeting optimal intervention zones.

In contrast, the method makes it easy to define and quantify confused market phases that do not offer the trader any interesting comparative advantages.

The objective of the GTAS method is to frame each of the trader's actions within a precise framework so that, at all times, trading is adapted to the market configuration.

Having a stable framework for intervention, in an environment as profoundly unstable as the markets, is an obligation for all traders looking for regularity and consistency in their results.

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In addition to a global method, the GTAS method is based on proprietary indicators, specially designed to make our work as traders easier.

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The use of the 6 BSI indicators is explained in detail, with specific examples demonstrating the benefits of working with this system. The signals offered are clear and relevant, giving traders the advantage of no longer hesitating about what action to take. Access to the method's 6 indicators is provided along with training on how to use them.

Outline of the e-book

I. Introduction to the GTAS method
o    Why you should work with this method
o    The advantages of working in a stable and perfectly supervised environment
II. GTAS in 9 points
IV. BSI indicators
o    BSI CT
o    MT BSI
o    LT BSI
o    The BSI Cloud
o    The BSI Line
o    Convergence indicator

V. Examples
o    DAX40 in 5 minutes
o    CAC40 CFD in 5 minutes
o    Wall Street CFD in 5 minutes
o    Mini DAX in 30 minutes
o    EUR/USD in 60 minutes
VI. How to receive indicators and subscribe

Suitable for both beginners and experienced traders

The GTAS method.