Pivot Points – Pack 2


This pack contains the following:

  1. Intraday Pivot Points – rolling Pivot Points, session Pivot Points and hourly Pivot Points.
  2. High time frame Pivot Points – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly Pivot Points.
  3. Floor Pivot Points (the traditional calculation method).
  4. Wide Pivot Points.
  5. Jackson Zones.
  6. Fibonacci Pivot Points.
  7. Camarilla Pivot Points.
  8. Woodie's Pivot Points.

For each calculation method, the important Pivot Range is calculated and shown in the chart. A fantastic new label function allows traders to label every chart.

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A note on price

To get started with Pivot Points, download the FREE Pivot Points – Pack 1.

The price of the advanced Pivot Points – Pack 2 is only € 49 (excl. VAT). Compared to Pivot Points packs offered by others for other platforms, € 49 is incredible value for money! Some examples: Ultimate Pivot Points $ 195, FS Pivot $299 and Session Pivots $ 295.


Pivot Points analysis

Pivot Points are used, with good reason, by many traders. Over time many different methods of calculating Pivot Points were developed. However, the general concept is the same.

Recommendation: See how traditional Pivot Points are calculated and how a classic Pivot Point analysis is done.


Alternative calculation methods

Wide Pivot Points: add the daily range to R2 to calculate R3 or subtract the daily range from S2 to calculate S3.

Camarilla Pivot Points: points symmetrically distributed around the previous period´s close.

Fibonacci Pivot Points: points symmetrically distributed around the Pivot Point.

Jackson Zones: similar to the traditional Pivot Points, but with symmetrical levels for R1 and S1.

Woodie's Pivot Points: points calculated as previous [Open + High + Low + Close]/4 instead of the traditional previous [High + Low + Close]/3.

The different Pivot Points can be selected in the designer dialog:

Pivot points NanoTrader.

Additionally all indicators include parameters to show the Pivot Points of the previous periods, to show the previous high, low and close level and last but not least a fantastic new label function for all lines:

Pivot points parameters.

Some examples

This is the hourly Pivot Point indicator.

Hourly Pivot Points.

This is the session Pivot Point indicator. With this indicator Pivot Points of the regular trading hours (RTH) can be displayed on a chart of the full electronic trading hours (ETH). The following example shows the session Pivots for the FDAX from 09:00-17:30 on a ETH chart.

Session Pivot Points.

This is the rolling Pivot Point indicator. The following chart shows 3-day rolling Pivot Points.

Rolling Pivot Points.

This is the weekly Pivot Point indicator.

Weekly Pivot Points.

Practical implementation

  • Select the financial instrument you want to trade and open the chart.
  • Select what you need in the "WHS Store" folder.
  • Select your paper account or your real account.
  • NanoTrader Full. If you want to trade semi-automatically (open position manually, close position automatically), activate TradeGuard+AutoOrder in the chart. If you want to trade automatically, activate AutoOrder in the chart.

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