The WL Timm system from Wim Lievens.

Wim Lievens WL Timm trading system

About WL Timm

WL is short for Wim Lievens, an experienced Belgian trader. Timm stands for Trading Impulses & Money Management. The WL Timm trading system was designed to trade only price impulses (short, above-average price movements). The four strategies in this package are used only when market conditions are optimal. The Timm system is the result of years of development by Wim Lievens and programming by WH SELFINVEST.

Included in the WL Timm pack

I. Two indicators: WL Move and WL Direction

II. Four strategies: WL Impulse, WL Move, WL Direction and WL Excess

III. Three money management systems: WL Triads Stop, WL Free Trade and WL Ladder Exit

The WL Timm system uses WL Bars and WL Triads. Both are available FREE of charge in NanoTrader.

The system makes extensive use of the unique time filters in NanoTrader.

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You can use the WL TIMM system quickly and optimally as it comes with its own manual and video.

Buyers are entitled to 1 hour of online coaching with Wim Lievens.

This example shows three WL Timm buy signals. The trend is getting stronger. The WL Move and WL Direction indicators diverge, so the cloud gets bigger.

The WL Timm trading system from trader Wim Lievens.

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Trading method

WL Timm focuses on price impulses and momentum. The impulses are mainly traded on volatile instruments, and only using WL Bars. The positions are open for a shorter period. This method of trading is more dynamic than the WL SuperFive method, Wim’s other store pack. Given this more dynamic style of trading, WL Timm also includes money management systems.

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The four WL Timm trading strategies

1. The WL Impulse strategy

WL Impulse is a typical momentum strategy. This strategy waits for a hesitation (indicated by WL Triads) in a price movement that is just getting started. It prefers the second or third hesitation.

Strong price movements are erratic and not predictable. Charts with classic candles just show a big candle at this point. It is hard for the trader to find a good entry. It always seems too late. WL Bars (or other charts that show only price movements and no time) and WL Triads show the hesitations in price impulses. This allows traders to open a position during an impulse or a momentum phase.

This example shows WL Impulse short sell signals. Traders should enter at the beginning of the impulse. Therefore, the number of signals is limited by the Max-Signals-Counter. The signals are shown in the chart. Alarms are possible.

The WL Impulse trading strategy by Wim Lievens.

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A signal appears when a triad is confirmed after touching the WL Move indicator.

The NanoTrader platform allows traders to automatically enter after a signal. The platform will also automatically do money management according to the WL TIMM method.

2. The WL Move strategy

The WL Move strategy is activated after a correction. Even in a strong price impulse, corrections occur. These corrections are entry opportunities when the WL Move and WL Impulse indicators align again.

This example shows WL Move buy signals. The signals coincide with corrections within the trend.

The WL Move trading strategy by Wim Lievens.

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To further improve the quality of this signal, it can be combined with WL Bars patterns. This is one of trader Wim Lievens' favourite trading signals.

3. The WL Direction strategy

Every market changes direction sooner or later. These are great entry moments provided the trader can identify the real direction changes. This is what the WL Direction strategy does.

This example shows a market changing direction twice. The WL Direction signals are visible in the chart.

The WL Direction strategy by Wim Lievens.

Traders can trade the WL Direction signals. The signals are also an opportunity to activate some of the other WL Timm strategies.

This example shows bad signals. The market is going sideways. So, there are many changes of direction. Although WL TIMM already avoids many bad trades, the only good strategy in this situation is... do not trade.

When not to trade.

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4. The WL Excess strategy

The WL Excess strategy focuses on extreme corrections (see WL Impulse strategy) within a trend. Many traders use these types of corrections as the entry point for a breakout trade. Professional traders use these rare, solid signals to still trade in the direction of the trend. They see the correction as excessive i.e. as an 'excess'.

This example shows WL Excess short sell signals. The triad is on the WL Move as well as on the WL Direction indicator. Therefore, this is an exaggerated or 'excess' correction.

The WL Excess trading strategy by Wim Lievens.

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The three money management systems

Traders can use all the existing stops, price targets and money management systems that the NanoTrader has. The NanoTrader arsenal is truly unlimited. Everything is possible.

To help traders get started, Wim Lievens has added three of his own money management systems to the WL Timm package.

1. The WL Triads stop

The triads are actually mini support and resistance levels. They can be used not only as a signal, but also as a stop. The automated WL Triads Stop moves from triad to triad. This reduces risk, and secures your profits.

This example shows the WL Triads Stop in action.

The WL Triads stop money management system.

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2. The WL Free Trade system

WL Free Trade is a combination of a price target and a stop. The price target is aggressively raised and thus rarely reached. The stop is at a chosen distance and then jumps to the break-even level. This is where traders can no longer take losses. The stop then converts to a shadow stop (trailing stop).

NanoTarder automatically handles all these orders.

This example shows the WL Free Trade system. The stop jumps to the trader's break-even level. After that, it becomes a trailing stop.

The WL Free Trade money management system.

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3. The WL Ladder Exit

The WL Ladder Exit system is Wim Lievens' favourite money management system. The system consists of a stop and up to six price targets. Each profit target is higher and closes part of the position. When a price target is reached, the stop rises to the next rung on the ladder.

This example shows the WL Ladder Exit. This is Wim Lievens' favourite system. Wim places price targets (the steps on the ladder) according to the size of the triads.

The WL Ladder Exit money management system in the WL Timm system.

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Advantages of WL Timm

– A user-friendly and structured system

– Visually clean and attractive

– Four strong strategies with precise entry points

– The strategies automatically adapt to the market

– Clear alarms on signals

– No need to wait behind the screen (less 'waiting stress' and 'overtrading')

– Easy to trade different instruments and timeframes in parallel

– Complete with money management systems

– Manual, semi-automatic and automatic trading is possible

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