Direct access to many markets

Low cost and efficient

The stock brokerage service provides many benefits to active investors:

  Save money – The lowest commissions possible and all market data supplied at cost.

  Avoid frustration – Direct market access. Fast and precise order execution for every order.

  Trade anywhere – Product range covering 120 market centers in 26 countries.

  Trade anything – Stocks, warrants, options and ETFs.

  Use any platform – NanoTrader, TWS, Agena, Ninja...

  Be mobile – Mobile platforms for web, tablet and smartphone.

  Be comfortable – Enjoy our legendary service.

Stock trading is provided together with our partner Interactive Brokers. If you have an account, directly or via another broker, with Interactive Brokers you can simply move the account to us at no cost and without closing positions. In many cases you will pay less commissions, up to -61%.

"One has to be honest ... as frequently posted in trading forums,
your client service is indeed very convincing." – E.M.

Trade stocks and ETFs anywhere

  • This table only shows the main markets and instruments.
  • Structured products include warrants, certificates, turbos...

Europe Austria Stocks


Stocks, ETFs, structured products

Germany Stocks, ETFs, structured products


Stocks, ETFs, structured products

Norway Stocks


Stocks, ETFs

Sweden Stocks, ETFs

Switzerland Stocks, ETFs

UK Stocks, ETFs
North America USA Stocks, ETFs

Stocks, ETFs

Mexico Stocks, ETFs
Hong Kong
Stocks, ETFs, structured products

Stocks, ETFs


Australia Stocks, ETFs
More information – All markets and all instruments

What to budget for stock trading


WH SelfInvest is supervised by serious regulators, provides the best technology and has a confirmed track record of very satisfied clients.

WH SelfInvest...

  Is licensed by several serious regulators since 1998.

  Is a consistent winner of prestigious brokerage awards.

  Is known for its legendary service.

  Is a provider of the exceptional NanoTrader platform.

  Is present with offices in six countries.


  • The lowest commissions possible.
  • Extremely low minimum commissions.
  • Save up to -61% if you have an Interactive Brokers account with other brokers.
Main markets LU Commission
Stocks and ETFs (in EUR) 0,09% € 5,95 € 99 if routed via Xetra
Stocks and ETFs (in CHF) 0,09% CHF 9,95
Stocks and ETFs (in USD) $ 0,01 per share $ 1,95
Structured products (in EUR) 0,19%
€ 5,95

  • No hidden costs.
  • Everything is clear and transparent.

Opening a new account Free
Moving an account to WH SelfInvest Free
Closing an account Free
Collecting a dividend Free
Legendary service via chat, e-mail or telephone Free
The NanoTrader Full trading platform € 29 per month*
Inactivity fee, if total monthly commissions < $ 10 $ 10**
Replacing or cancelling an order Free***
Telephone orders No surcharge
Real-time trading signals Free
Real-time trading strategies Free
TechScan, SignalRadar and all other trading tools Free
Market data, delayed Free
Fees for real-time market data Passed on at cost
Fees for order routing, exchange, clearing and other Passed on at cost
* If you also have a futures account and/or a CFD-Forex account only one monthly subscription is due. The accounts can be traded from the same platform. The same log in is used for the TWS and all the  mobile trading platforms.
** (1) Total monthly commission is $ 0. The inactivity fee is $ 10. (2) Total monthly commission is < $ 10. The inactivity fee is $ 10 - the total monthly commission amount. (3) Total monthly commission is $ 10 or more. The inactivity fee is $ 0.
*** See futures and options for an exception on the Eurex exchange.

Benefit from a local presence

WH SelfInvest has offices in six European countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Germany. You are always welcome in our offices upon appointment for a personal contact or a seminar. Since many years we travel in many countries giving seminars, supporting events organized by well-known traders and attending fairs.

You can always meet us, you can always talk to us.

Enjoy our legendary service

Our support desk is quick, professional and reliable. Contrary to most other brokers we do not charge more for telephone orders.

Clients frequently express their satisfaction.

  • "Extremely focused on client needs. Really outstanding. Top broker." – M.R.
  • "Constant quality service since the beginning." – A.L.

WH SelfInvest has received numerous broker awards and is in good standing with all its regulators.

Account information

A reliable partnership

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

A multi-asset account is opened in your name and at your risk with Interactive Brokers (UK) Limited, Heron Tower, Level 20, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY, United Kingdom. In addition to our general terms and conditions the account is governed by IB's customer agreement and other relevant documents which you can find, for example, on the Clients page of our website. Besides electronic communication you will receive from us a letter confirming the opening of the account.

You already have an account with Interactive Brokers?

Your account can be moved to WH SelfInvest at no cost. It is not necessary to open a new account. It is not necessary to close open positions. The procedure is simple.

A small minimum to start

The minimum required to open a fully disclosed multi-asset account is EUR 5.000 or the equivalent in USD or CHF. The account is allowed to go below this minimum when operational. There is no maximum.

Trading account balances receive an interest equal to the benchmark rate minus 1%, never negative. If trading account balances are charged an interest or similar costs, the cost will be passed on to the client. Interest payable on stock borrowing, margin and CFD positions will be equal to the benchmark rate plus or minus 1%, where applicable.

Active investors wishing to do an unlimited amount of day trades on U.S. financial instruments must maintain an account balance of USD 25.000 or more.

Funding your account


SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

Funding the account can be done by money transfer to JP Morgan. Transfers will only be accepted if you include your name and your account number in the message field of your transfer. If, after your first transfer, you wish to transfer additional money to your account it is highly recommended you first create a deposit notification in the account manager. By creating a deposit notification your account can be credited more quickly. When you create the deposit notification you will see the transfer instructions you need to use. The account manager can be found on the Clients page of our website.

Transferring out

Transferring money out of the account is straightforward. You can create an electronic instruction in the account manager. The account manager can be found on the Clients page of our website. One free withdrawal request per calendar month is allowed. After the first free withdrawal (of any kind), Interactive Brokers will charge a fee, depending on the base currency of your account, for any subsequent withdrawal: EUR 8, USD 10 or CHF 11.

Choose WH SelfInvest. You will not regret it.

Open an account on-line.

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Free trading tools in nanotrader

Live trades to jump on


SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

SignalRadar shows live trades being executed by various trading strategies.

Interesting trades can be identified quickly. A trade can be replicated in one click. All trades have a profit target and a stop loss. The trades are visible in the NanoTrader platform, on the internet and in an app.

These are the advantages of the SignalRadar:

  • FREE.
  • Find live trades which are doing well and jump on.
  • See what the strategies are trading.
  • Discover which markets are moving.
  • Observe the trades of professional traders.
  • Trade based on logic, not on feeling.
  • Improve your trading skills.
  • Enjoy your trading.

See all trading tools.

Try the free SignalRadar app:

Automated technical analysis


SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

TechScan is an automated technical analysis tool. The tool is seamlessly integrated in the NanoTrader. TechScan analyses more than 10 stock markets, 130 forex pairs and 15 market indices every day. These markets and instruments are analysed using over 100 technical analysis indicators, statistical data and trading strategies.

These are the advantages of the TechScan:

  • FREE.
  • Easy to use.
  • Updates automatically.
  • Beautiful and detailed charts and graphics.
  • The full technical analysis arsenal is used.
  • The number of instruments analysed is enormous.
  • No programming required.

See all trading tools.