Combine indicators into a trading signal

Combine indicators into a trading signal

Combined opinion

Once you activate several indicators it becomes difficult to instantly evaluate their combined opinion. A signal when the combined opinion changes is very useful. NanoTrader offers signals based on the combined opinion of the indicators.

NanoTrader shows the combined opinion of your technical indicators in the main chart by colouring the background. At a glance you can see if all your indicators are bullish, bearish or neutral. This video illustrates the combined opinion of indicators.


NanoTrader can automatically close a position when the market price breaks through a trendline. This functionality can be combined with signals generated by indicators.

Automated trading

The TacticOrders tool converts the opinion of indicators and trendlines into a concrete trading signal. You can confirm the order or let it execute automatically. Programming is not required! Watch this video for automated trading based on technical indicators.

Technical analysis

NanoTrader offers more than 125 technical analysis indicators. You can combine them as you see fit. Drawing tools such as Fibonacci extensions, ABCD, Andrews pitchfork, ZigZag ... are also available.