Scalping... what you need

Scalping... what you need

70+ Trading strategies

Scalping requires specific tools. The NanoTrader platform offers precisely what the scalper needs: speed, detailed market information and precise order management.

The NanoTrader platform contains over 60 trading strategies. These strategies can be used for free. Several strategies such as LS Histogram Scalper and T-Line Scalping are suitable for scalping.


NanoTrader can automatically close a position when the market price breaks through a trendline. This functionality can be combined with signals generated by indicators.

Automated orders

Scalpers operate within small price movements. When a scalper opens a position he does not have time to manually place his stop and target orders. NanoTrader will automatically place these orders for you. Watch this video on bracket orders.

Market information

The scalper needs to know what others are doing. The NanoTrader platform supplies market information such as orderbooks, time&sales histograms and range bars. You can read more about scalping in this e-book.