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Order-flow trading – Sensational analysis possibilities for your trading.

In recent years, order flow trading has become increasingly popular among traders of futures in English-speaking countries. This trading style is hardly known here and is still an insider tip. Unlike technical analysis, which attempts to use historical price movements to predict the direction the market will take, order-flow trading is a discipline that focuses on the orders actually executed. To understand the mechanism that drives prices up or down, it is necessary to understand the interaction between market depth on the one hand and market orders on the other. This interaction is the order flow.

Satisfied clients of broker WH SelfInvest.

Satisfied clients of broker WH SelfInvest.

An overview of the ATAS trading platform

ATAS is a professional trading and analysis platform for order-flow and volume trading. It performs all the functions required by order-flow and volume traders. You will find a variety of tools and indicators that are exclusively available in ATAS. With this platform, you no longer observe markets from the outside, but from the inside - you see the heart of the markets.

ATAS prepares the raw order flow data to present it to the trader in an intuitive form. The quality of the data is very important here. WH SelfInvest provides tick-by-tick data at an almost unlimited speed thanks to state-of-the-art technology. The range of functions offered by ATAS includes excellent filtering and configuration options. The platform's analysis tools considerably enhance the information extracted from the raw market data, providing a comprehensive view of market activity and, subsequently, improved trader performance.

Smart Tape

Atas Trading-Platform: Smart Tape.
With the help of the Smart Tape function, it is possible to analyze the real depth of the market.

A transaction of 100 future contracts can be aggregated into a single transaction in ATAS. Unlike a normal order book where the 100 transactions will be displayed individually, ATAS has developed internal algorithms that allow transactions to be recognized in their original composition.

Also, the Smart Tape function enables filters and adjustment options. Finally, it is possible to display transactions of small and large market participants in real time. Iceberg orders can also be detected this way.

Smart DOM

Atas Trading-Platform: Smart DOM.

The biggest enemies of order flow traders are algorithms, especially HFTs (High Frequency Trading Algorithms). The SmartDOM has been specially developed by ATAS to detect and analyze these algorithms. This tool is exclusive to ATAS.

The following features are available with this tool:

  • Highlighting large orders.
  • Finding Iceberg or DND (Do Not Display) transactions.
  • Spot unauthorized activity of spoofing algorithms.
  • Absorbing Limit orders.
  • Change of limit orders in real time.

Charting & Trading

ATAS offers a wide range of chart types. It also offers 25 footprint functions, which allow data to be clustered. What does that mean? Each candle can be seen from the "inside". Volume, Bid/Ask and deltas can be displayed on each price of the given bar.

Orders can be entered in the Smart DOM and in the Chart Trader. With the Chart Trader, you can trade from the chart and also from the panel next to the chart.

It is also possible to automate the exit. This function is available in both the Smart DOM and the Chart Trader. In addition to the definition of stop loss and take profit, the trader can define the conditions according to which the stop is automatically followed.

Atas Trading-Platform: Charting und Trading.

Tick Cluster

The Tick Cluster is another representation of the Spread Tape. The calculation is similar and the information is displayed in the form of clusters. This makes it even easier to embrace all the information provided.

This allows you to see not only the market orders executed with slippage, but also the distribution of the current day's volumes and Level II data.

This innovative representation makes it easier to understand information on transaction volumes.

Atas Trading-Platform: Tick Cluster.

Professional Traders use ATAS to scalp the orderbook

Follow the Live Trades from the professional Traders Nabil Berouag and Tarek Elmarhi from Krechendo Trading when they are scalping the orderbook. Their trading decisions aren't made by analyzing any chart. They are just using the orderbook to find the trades. Trading with them means real scalping which consists in going in and out of positions very quickly.


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